Archetypes of the soul level advanced

The sea of questions exists.There are no answers in the sea of questions. there is also the sea of answers, and there are no questions in the sea of answer, the mind finds it more interesting to move between the questions. The heart accepts only what it feels, not the products of the mind, but reality.-Prem Ravat-

 In-depth course with Barbara Probst

February 7-9 and  April 24-26  2020

This path is aimed at those who have already worked on their basic soul matrix (level 1)

It is structured on two weekends to deepen and broaden the knowledge on the archetypes of the soul and to integrate further aspects of one’s matrix.

  • The way of the soul
  • The energetic composition of one’s own soul family
  • The specific project of one’s soul family
  • The cycles of incarnation
  • The most important soul relationships. the twin of the soul and the ally of the soul
  • The evolution path of the soul
  • The mechanisms of the archetypical fear in the relationsship

During this weekends, we will get to know these energies and elaborate the new elements with constellations and rituals, also in relation to the current topics of daily life.

Get more details via e-mail or by calling phone/WhatsApp 335 8299499.

Dates: October 4-6 2019 / November 29- December 1 2019

Luogo: Centro ArPA Bagno a Ripoli/Firenze

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