Our Staff

Barbara Probst

BARBARA PROBST, born in Switzerland, after graduating in 1974 in Psychopedagogy and specialising in Psychomotor Therapy in Zurich, moved to Florence. In 1989 she founded the Centro ArPA (Art Psychology Atéliers) based in Bagno a Ripoli  (Florence), where she carries out her therapeutic work and organizes various workshops and a training in Holistic counseling and energy techniques. She conducts refresher courses at the unifersity of Florence and psychopedagies in Italiy and Switzerland.Since 1991 she conducts with her collaborators the Lightwork Training in body and energy regression and extension techniques as well as a Trainingcourse in holistic counseling and energy techniques.

Curriculum: Junghian analysis with Dora Kalf (Zürich),training in in Dance therapy with Trudy Schoop (Los Angeles), Training in Hypnotic regression and energy techniques of Lightwork-and-Energywork with Rhea Powers and Gawain Bantle (San Francisco), Training in Family constellations with Bert Hellinger and Attilio Piazza, the study of the dimension of the soul with Varda Hasselmann and Frank Schmolke (1998-2016 Munich). Since 1995 she is Reikimaster and pursues her journey with meditation and continuous inner research.

Special experiences: In 1981, member of a research group of the soul dimension and the study of the Archetypes of the soul with Varda Hasselmann and Frank Schmolke(1998-2016), partecipating to the realization of the books ” The sevenArchetypes of the fears” and ” Young souls, Old souls”. In 1998 she is invited to participate to the great ritual of the Lakota  Sundance at Pineridge in South Dakota.  In 2000  she participates to the pilgrimage Kumbh Mela in India, in 2004 she made a trekking in the Himalaya with a pilgimage to the sacred mountain Kailash.

Her books: ” Se il giorno is fermasse all’alba” ( If the day ended at dawn) , an inner journey between mother and daughter through the cosmic laws and the things that happen (Edizione Academia 2000,Roma).  ” Per scrivere davvero” (to write really) with DVD, a new method to maintain the enthusiasm for learning to write (edition Tassinari 2016, Florence). The books are available at the Centro ArPA.

Ruth Schmid

Ruth Schmid, born in Switzerland, graduated in pedagogy of movement and music (with Mimi Scheiblauer) at the Zurich Academy of Music and is specialised in music therapy, rhythmic-musical and psychomotor education. She was trained in relaxation and Yoga techniques by S. Yesudian and E.Haich and is a Brain Gym Teacher, recognised by the EDU-Kinesiology-Foundation CA (USA). She has collaborated with the clinic di Neuropsichiatria infantile di Roma.With the Facoltà di Magistero di Roma  she has been a teacher of training courses for  support teachers of the Provveditorato agli Studi di Firenze for the psychomotor area and has held numerous refresher courses for teachers, therapists and musicians in Italy and abroad. Since the year 2000 she manages the premises of the Centro ArPA in via Giano della Bella 19, in Florence. She has published several books: “È arrivato l’ambasciatore”, giochi ritmici ( De Agostini), “Otto biscotto”, giochi di Brain Gym (Edizione ArPA), “Questo è diritto…questo è storto” canti per far giocare  mamma e bambini, (Edizione ArPA), “Svegliare il il cervello”,trucchi, giochi, movimenti,manualità per imparare meglio (Edizione ArPA).


Margherita Vannoni

Degree in psychology at La Sapienza di Roma, clinical psychologist specialised at the Policlinico Gemelli di Roma, psychotherapist and Junghian analyst specialised at the Centro Italiano di Psicologia analitica di Roma. She has enriched her personal and professional experience mainly through being trained in energy therapy techniques at The centro ArPA in Florence, in Family constellations with Attilio Piazza and in D.A.R.E. (dynamic attachment repatterning experience) with Diane Poole Heller. She works in the field of psychotherapy and personal growth, with individual and group paths.


Andreas Christen

Andreas Christen lived many years in the USA, he trained with Dr. Elisabeth Kübler in New York, at the “F.i.R.E.-Firewalking Institute of Research and Education USA” in New Mexico, in energy extension and regression techniques with Rhea Powers and Gawain Bantle7USA and in  the “Tikkun-Training/Imago USA” (couple therapy) with Hedy and Yumi Schleifer in Vienna. He has received various initiations in shamanic practices, rituals of passage and vision quests and has been leading for 30 years circles  of personal and spiritual growth, in USA, Germany and Italy.Since 1992 he lives in Munich and continues, together with his wife, to accompany in their Centre, individuals, couples and families on their journey, in the awareness that the source of truth, healing and love is in each of us.


Sneh Victoria Schnabel

Born in Freiburg, Germany in 1947.Constellation trainer (DGfS) and presenter at conferences world-wide; Organiser of international conferences in constellation work. Author of articles, Co-author “Derselbe Wind lässt viele Drachen steigen (“The same wind makes many kites fly”). Editor: Carl- Auer-Systeme Verlag, and “Returning to Membership in Community-Systemic Constellations with Nature” Stream of Experience Production, Colorado. Bachelor in painting and art history; 7 years teaching and counseling in high school. Of international fame in the field of family constellations, shamanic rituals and trauma work since over twenty years.

Trained in : Gestalt; Psychodrama; NLP and Erickson-Hypnosis (Dilts, Micheals and others); “Deep Psychology with Hunter Beaumont, Somatic Experiences (Peter Levine, Steve Hoskinson, Raja Selvam)

Varda Hasselmann

Varda Hasselmann, graduated in Literature and medieval sciences and author of any books. since 1983 she has dedicated herself to her mediumistic talent and follows, together with Frank Schmolke, her working partner, a continuous research on the soul dimension. She runs the Septana research centre in Munich together with Frank Schmolke.

Her highly successful “The archetypes of the soul” is available at the Centro ArPA. Varda Hasselmann collaborates with the Centro Arpa for the identification of personal archetypes of the soul.


Sudhiro Miyaca Olowan

Sudhiro Micheal Miyaca Olowan is an expert in shamanic rituals of the Lakota people, has conducted healing workshops all over the world for more than 40 years. He is a guide of circles, sponsor of Hanbleceyapi (Vision quest), facilitator of Osho Mystic Rose, and father of a 25 years old son who died in 2013.                 A published poet and novelist, he conducted a three-year shamanism training at the Academy of Light, awareness and Arts, Maiolo (RI), Italy


Susanna Bellizzi

Susanna Bellizzi started taking yoga courses in 1986 with a teacher trained with the Iyengar method at the Istituto di psicosintesi di Firenze. (institute of psychosynthesis in Florence)her teacher was also a psychotherapist and combined the practice of the Asana with the meditations and visualisations  of Assagioli.The enthusiasm was such that she enrolled in a three-year Teacher-Training of Iyengar yoga, conducted by Gabriella Giubilaro, one of the leading exponents of this school world-wide. from that moment her life is intermingled with the practice of yoga which she has been doing now for 12 years and ,at the same time, she continues her training both attending the courses of Gabriella, and participating to workshops held by internationally renowned teachers.

Laura Tarchiani

Laura Tarchiani graduated as a Feldenkrais teacher in 1997, studying in the first training  held in Florence, with Ruthy Alon.Since many years she has been spreading the Feldenkrais method by giving lessons in Florence and Pontassieve. The method teaches sequences of gentle movements accessible to all, which bring improvement in posture, in the way of moving and sometimes even soothing from pain.

Tiziana Brizzolari

“If the body changes, the mind changes”  this was the thesis discussed in 1998 at the conclusion of the three-year training of psycho-pedagogy in art workshops at the Centro ArPA in Bagno a Ripoli (Florence). It was the beginning of countless experiences ( Movement medicines, 5 rhythms, Harmonyoga…) but above all experimenting with the “Medicine  wheels” in the paths of the Native Americans. Thus she has experienced that only when the body is free the soul begins to fly.

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