Lightwork in nature

Every step you take on earth must be like a prayer. the power of a fire and generous soul is in the heart of every human being and will grow like a seed as you walk on this sacred earth.           

-Charmaine White face of the Oglala Lakota-

Quest of Medicine: an ancient ritual in the nature to find one’s medicine with Andreas Christen and Barbara Probst in Albinia(GR)

under the auspices of : Comune di Bagno a Ripoli/Firenze

Immersed in the beauty of nature, at the seaside and in the valley of a river, we follow the paths of our soul.It is important to walk, not to arrive. no hurry, no destination. And so every step of life is joy and nature gives us, at the moment of total openness, our medicine. according to the shamanic tradition everything we encounter on our way is sacred, alive and conscious.Any flower can be a teacher and waits to be recognised and listened to. We will learn to dwell on everything that happens, to observe with amazement and wonder, entering into a living contact wit what attracts our attention. Earth is beautiful! The beauty and sounds of nature help to be present and welcome the gifts of the universe. An unforgettable week in nature, an event that reflects like a mirror the richness of our inner world. We will return to everyday life with new stimuli and the ability to experience each encounter consciously and with the certainty of being loved and connected with the forces of nature.

Location: Villa Giacaranda Albinia/Grosseto

Dates: yet to be established

Centro Arpa - via Poggio della Pieve 10/A Bagno a Ripoli (Fi) tel. 055 6821284 - P.Iva 00179318886