Generations in dialogue

World peace begins within us. When we look into each other’s eyes and open ourselves to dialogue, we discover the value and human dignity that is in each of us. Dialogue means listening and understanding the other.- Dalai Lama-

A weekend for parents and grown-up daughters and sons

conducted by

Barbara Probst and Margherita Vannoni

October 26.-28. 2018

A touching and profound workshop, in which it is possible-guided with love and professionalism-to enter into a relationship with your parents, child, adult son or daughter-as perhaps was never possible before, but is deeply desired.

All positive experiences in the family, as well as the difficult ones, leave a legacy of the tracks. at the same time, these experiences have helped make us the person we are today. our past affects us life long, and influences our emotional relationships.

We unknowingly transmit to the next generation what we have learned and experienced. Sometimes they produce wounds, or carry conflicts into adulthood, and then we are in crisis with the mother, father, daughter or son.

This weekend offers the chance to deepen this special relationship, to express what is difficult and to clarify misunderstandings. This is how we can heal wounds.

In structured dialogues, guided with care and professionalism, parents and children learn to listen.To understand and appreciate oneself and the other.

What is a dialogue?

Few are the people who have ever lived a true dialogue. We now conversation, discussion, debates and many other forms of intellectual exchange, but not dialogue. Verbal exchange often takes place as follows. the adult asks questions and the child answers, or the adult explains, gives instructions, directions or advice and the child confirms whether he has understood it or not. These verbal forms are based on an attitude of judgement and criticism and on the desire to change the other. Each one tries to confirm and to induce his own ideas, theories and convictions.

Dialogue is something else.

To conduct a dialogue, the ability to know how to strip oneself from one’s own ideas, opinions and beliefs to make oneself available-one’s own senses, intellect, one’s own life experience-to the child/parent is required. Dialogue is based on an emphatic and open attitude, on the curiosity to get to know the child/the parent, and on a real interest to meet him or her in his  or her “world”.

Such an attitude of attention is centred on what is happening during the dialogue and allows to discover something new, unknown of ourself and of the other person. At the end of a true dialogue both persons feel nourished and enriched with awareness for themselves and the other.

Reconciliation with the past activates hidden forces allowing one to go freely on one’s own path, living with the parent or the daughter or son, with a right proximity for both.

Every proposed activity during the workshop allows parents and daughters/sons  to be recognised in their own proper role and their own humanity, thus touching the mystery of the most special, profound and lasting relationship of our existence.

Location: Centro arPA- Bagno a Ripoli/Firenze

Times: Friday 17.00-21.00; Saturday 10.00-19.30; Sunday 10.00-17.00

Centro Arpa - via Poggio della Pieve 10/A Bagno a Ripoli (Fi) tel. 055 6821284 - P.Iva 00179318886