Schooling course in Family Constellations

Life comes to us from very far…when children look at their parents and recognize the source of life, wonderful things happen.-Bert Hellinger-

Schooling course in Family Constellations

conducted by Margherita Vannoni and Barbara Probst

organised in 10 modules

 Start   November  24-26   2023

The training course aims to deepen the theory and technique of family constellations according to Bert Hellinger, in order to train facilitators able to conduct family constellations in groups and individually.It is also an opportunity for personal growth both on psychological and spiritual level.

The model of knowledge and healing of family systems, conceived by Bert Hellinger, has been a great success for making the complex and sometimes mysterious world of primary affective relationships in the family of origin and in the subsequent ones (between peers and as parents), comprehensible and operative through the direct experience of the representations. This method has also shown, with simplicity and evidence, how the family relational modalities condition and determine every area of an individual’s life.

The training will be organised following both the principle of practice and that of  knowledge. having a systemic and psychological competence, regarding the mechanisms underlying  the various human relationships, enhances every learning achieved through experience, while every awareness acquired with practice is  is more profound and lasting if accompanied by learning the underlying complex and articulate systemic dynamics.

The entire course will redivided into moments dedicated to the resolution and understanding of  one’s own systemic dynamics, as well as to the related psychological experiences, and into didactic moments of theoretical explanation and experimentation. In these practical phases the student will apply what has been learned and will become familiar with the conduction of the constellations and with the particular inner state of listening that is at its base. During each meeting a specific theme will be explored in depth, both from a personal and professional point of view, in a theoretical and practical way.

The entire course includes: eight thematic weekends conducted by Margherita Vannoni and Barbara Probst and two weekends of observation and participation as representatives in open seminars of family constellations.Upon completion of the entire course a certificate of participation will be issued.


First and second module

Topic-family of origin: the orders of love and their violations; exploration of the family dynamics of one’s family of origin. Characteristics of the child place. Technical elements-Read the division and management of space; body movements and positions.The inner state of the conductor related to the constellation, related to the client and in relation with her/himself.

third and forth module

Topic-Family of origin: the new order of extended families and adoptions. management of the issue of abuse.Technical elements-Reading body movements and positions in space; how to use sentences.Talking and being with the client; what to stage.The management of the representatives.

Fifth module

Topic- The ancestors and the collective of belonging; the concept of fidelity. Technical elements-Body movements and positions in space; use of sentences.Topic-the excluded and the entanglements; the dynamic of victim and executioner; the great historical events; the spiritual aspect; note on pshychopatologies and diseases. Technical elements-Working with the unknown;Introduction of abstract elements; what to explain to the client.

Sixt module

Topic- The family from the point of view of the partner.Relationship between peers, relationship with children, relationship with one’s family of origin; importance of previous couple relationships; separations and divorces. The interruptions of pregnancy. Exploration of the family dynamics of one’s current family. Technical elements- Positions in space; deepening on the sentences; what to stage, how and when a constellation ends.

Seventh module

Topic-deepening the relationship with the mother and the father; study and resolution of the interrupted movement; the attachment theory; female and male development.Technical elements-how to create tailor-made phrases for the specific situation; development of the use of abstract elements.Topic and technical elements-Working with topics that are not strictly family-related, with individual constellations, with supports, with visualisation.

Eight module

Topic – Deepening of themes that interest the group;

Technical elements in- depth analysis of issues that interest the group;

Theme and elements of technique – Practice in the complete management of the constellation: from the elaboration of the topic, representation, up to the return of the client.

Dates 2023:  November 24-26 |December 15-17

Dates 2024: January 26-28/February 23-25 / March 22-24 / April 19-21 / May 17-19 |June 14-16| September 27-29| October 25-27 | November 22-24|


Location: Centro ArPA- Bagno a Ripoli/Firenze

Times: Friday 21.00-23.00; Saturday 10.00-19.00; Sunday 10.00-17.30

Centro Arpa - via Poggio della Pieve 10/A Bagno a Ripoli (Fi) tel. 055 6821284 - P.Iva 00179318886