Training in Lightwork

Like a pearl I flowed aimlessly into the deep ocean of existence…when a wave of love caught me and gave me shelter inside it.-Rumi-

On the way to ourself

Training in body-emotional energy techniques based on soul archetypes, family constellations, regressions and rituals

conduced by Barbara Probst and Margherita Vannoni

  Begin  March 11-13  2022 

The Training in Lightwork is based on the teachings of the soul archetypes, transmitted since 1983 by Varda Hasselmann and Frank Schmolke, which offer a unique and singular vision in the depths of the soul: the essential, grandiose, untouchable in each of us.

At the core of the training is the knowledge of one’s own soul matrix which is a specific combination of the seven universal energies, described in Tibet five thousand years ago. New is the description and discovery of these energies on seven levels of the human being by specific archetypes forces which express precisely our essence, the singularity, and uniqueness of our character, our feelings, our way of thinking, our personal impressions, the way we make experiences, draw conclusions, make decisions. From the matrix of the soul is recognizable even the age of the soul, our sensitivity and spiritual maturity, guiding us for life, in harmony with our “soul family”.The path leads us to explore the inner world with insight that allows us to observe psychological forces of fear and survival instincts, and the forces of the soul manifested on us through an inner movement of tension and extension. Awareness of this movement, which follows a natural rhythm similar to inhalation and exhalation has a liberating effect, relaxing and conducive to a harmonious relationship between personality and soul. Knowing and distinguishing these forces, and integrating them into consciousness, results in a relief of living our emotions and relationships and viewing our existence in a new light. One’s own personality and history can be seen and accepted with more serenity.

With the soul matrix as a compass, during our journey, we lighten accumulated weight over the years to be lighter an freer. We leave behind the old while honking it; we abandon the habits, judgments, and opinions that prevent us from being vital, real, and present; we process primary childhood wounds, and find our place in the family through the method of family constellations. And so, we will find panoramic views, from where we admire the scenery of life in all its beauty. And here we find the strength, joy, and peace with ourselves, with our family, with the whole world. A personal contribution to peace on earth.

In our training, learning and teaching are happening at the same time. The true teacher is life itself, manifested through us and our stories. Sharing our personal experience enriches the circle of participants; it’s a vital exchange which relies on appreciation and respect and becomes for all a mirror in which we can reflect ourselves. In such a circle of trust can happen growth and healing, and miracles are possible.

The training in Lightwork begins with this journey toward self-knowledge for a year and then, for those who wish to deepen the experience of the work, goes on for two years with a Specialisation training in Holistic Counseling and energy techniques.


In a fluid way, various energy techniques of Light-and-Energy work will be utilized, that rely on Archetypes of soul-body-work, breathing, regression, trauma work, family constellations, and shamanic rituals.

All the techniques we use are connected with each other, complete and enrich each other, and have the common goal of developing, in particular, the intuition, the ability to be present and the direct contact with the soul dimension, our great resource. an alive spirituality is a great medicine that favors growth, healing, and inner peace.


The training of Lightwork is a unique project, organized in 12 meetings, including 11 weekends at the Centro ArPA and one intensive week in Albinia/GR.

How to sign up and request your own soul matrix:

To sign up send an e-mail or a request via WhatsApp to 335 8299499 together with a brief  presentation of yourself , indicating place and date of birth and two photographs in which your eyes are well visible in a natural and relaxed look, without smiling.

Date Training 2022

2022: March 11-13 |April 8-10 | May 6-8 | June 3-5 | July 1-3 |August 27 – September 3 (Albinia) | October 7-9 | November 11-13  | Dezember 9-11

2023: January 20-22 | February 17-19 | March 17-19

Location: Centro ArPA – Bagno a Ripoli/Firenze; Villa Giacaranda – Albinia/Grosseto

Centro Arpa - via Poggio della Pieve 10/A Bagno a Ripoli (Fi) tel. 055 6821284 - P.Iva 00179318886