Fire walking

Sacred fire within us, place of the eternal flame, burns al obstacles, in the name of the great mystery.Teach us the warmth and the goodness, the love of Grandfather Sun, melting the differences, until we become all one.-Lakota song-

Weekend conducted by Andreas Christen and Barbara Probst in Albinia/GR

under the auspices of : Comune di Bagno a Ripoli/Firenze

Walking on glowing coals is an ancient ritual of great strength  with spiritual openness in which the fire is lived and respected as life itself. It is an unforgettable experience that brings us back to our true and authentic being. To face the carpet of fire is a great opportunity to listen to the wisdom of the body and to trust the inner guidance. and then, when the body allows it, to pass on the fire with the motivation of the greatest desire of the heart is an immense joy, the joy being inestructibly alive, of being the fire itself, life.

Location: Villa Giacaranda, Albinia/Grosseto

Dates: currently the Fire walking is part of the Lightwork Training

Centro Arpa - via Poggio della Pieve 10/A Bagno a Ripoli (Fi) tel. 055 6821284 - P.Iva 00179318886