The Art of living and dying

…so you became a crystal, you turned into a plant, you became an animal and finally man…after you have finished your human journey you become an angel, raising you higher than your dreams…a breath in the universe.-Rumi-

Week end led by Barbara Probst  
February 16-18  2024

Death and love have something in common: letting go of the barriers, masks, and control until total openness and vulnerability arises.

The confrontation with the reality of death is a profound initiation into the beauty of life and highlights the priority of love. It is an invitation to clarify unresolved relationships and episodes to die in peace, without remorse or regret.

The art of exploring together the space of death, taking leave, being close to a dying person with respect and love, sharing the tears as an expression of deep compassionate participation, will be the central themes of this profound and touching weekend, experienced through energetic work, rituals and meditation.

Location:  Centro ArPA- Bagno a Ripoli/Firenze

Times: Friday 19.00-21.00; Saturday 10.00-19.30, Sunday 10.00-17.30

Centro Arpa - via Poggio della Pieve 10/A Bagno a Ripoli (Fi) tel. 055 6821284 - P.Iva 00179318886